Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Month 03.03 - Watch Out Below

"Here I come, watch out!"

We spent the weekend in Stevens Point, and it turns out they have a really great sledding hill in the park there.  It also turns out that Paige loves going down huge sledding hills all by herself on a saucer.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Bonus Photos:

 "Watch out Daddy,  I'm coming after you with this snowball."

 "Do you like my Christmas Tree?  It is decorated and everything."

Paige took a few of the branches from our Christmas Tree and placed them in her house.  She even decorated them with some bows and bells.  She was very excited to show it off, and very reluctant to take it down after Christmas was over.

 "Crayons on snow.  What a wonderful idea!"

Paige had a great time playing with her snow crayons that she was given by her Uncle Bryan and Aunt Mandy.

"Let's go Taylor, we have many things to do!"

Taylor came for a visit (and brought the fam with her.)  They had a lot of fun with Paige's Castle Tent.  Turns out it works great as a rocket ship too.