Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 02.48 - Bombs Away.


Yes, that hay bale is taller than Paige is. Yes she jumped right off the bale without hesitation.  Yes, I almost had a heart attack.  Yes she was just fine, and rolled into the landing like a champ.  So much for a relaxing day at the apple orchard.

Bonus Photos:
"It's OK Daddy, we can pretend this one came from the ground."

So, I wouldn't recommend going to the Afton Apple Orchard.  They make you pay an admission price of $3.00 per person just to go into the orchard area, and then have signs posted all over that you can't eat any apples out in the orchard as you need to pay for them.  Paige the scofflaw was having none of it though.  She ate an apple with nary a thought to the crazy orchard rules.

"No Daddy, I should say Pumpkin PIE."

To be fair they did have a lot of equipment for Paige to play on, as well as the large hay tower.

"It's dark outside."

Getting blue and pretty dark on the way to daycare these days.

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