Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 02.23 - Tunnel Slides

"I go head first, right?"

Time for a quick score tally.  Head first sliding, no problem.  Jumping off of 3 foot high steps, check, climbing up 8 foot tall chain letters, easy.  The way I see it, if we can get her to put her shoes on the correct feet, we will have pretty much won at this parenting thing.

Bonus Photos:

We had to take advantage of the nice weather (that lasted all of four days).

Come on, let's go.  Kaija needs a nature walk!"

Every walk is a nature walk to Paige.  Even if we just tool around the block.  I guess that says a lot about our neighbors...
"This forest needs some color, I figure a little pink would be good."

"My chair."

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