Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 02.21 - Been There, Done That.

"Yeah, it has all been done before.  There's nothing new under the sun"

Another day, another job, another problem, another headache.  Ok, so maybe Paige doesn't have any of the above, but she sure can give you a look like she does.

"I can totally see fine when I wear my "Princess Fiona Hat."

This is Paige's "Princess Fiona Hat"  I have no idea why Princess Fiona would wear the hat, nor do I have any idea why she likes to wear it so far down on her head that it covers her eyes.  I doubt we will ever find out the answer to these and many other mysteries of Paige's brain.

"The Easter Bunny's coming soon.  Right?"

1 comment:

Stephanie + David said...

She's getting so big! That last picture makes her look not at all like a toddler anymore!
Give her hugs for me!