Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 01.26 - A Quick Swim.

"Here I come Grandpa Steve.  You better catch me."

We were in Appleton for the wedding of two good friends, so Grandma Alice and Grandpa Steve came up for a visit (and to take Paige with them for the weekend).  Paige had a blast swimming in the pool, and playing with the grandparents.

"More lotion Momma, More lotion!"

Paige loves to put on lotion after her bath, as well as putting it on Valerie, me, the rocking chair, and her little people.  Although, the concept of rubbing it in still seems to be a bit lost.

"More?  Please?"

"Eat.  Kaija.  Eat."

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Hope Mueller said...

aw, what a sweetheart! :)