Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week 01.24 - Wooden Truck

"Beeb Beets!  Beeb Beets!"

We went to visit my parents this weekend, and there was a great surprise.  Paige has a wonderful new toy to play with at my parent's house.  A wooden truck, complete with little cars to haul around, and two drivers.  She had a lot of fun driving it around yelling Beeb Beets!

Bonus Photos:

"Better get out of my way.  I mean business.  Oh, and I seem to have run out of gas.  Any chance you could spare a gallon or two?"

"Too busy thinking to comb my hair Dad.  Sheesh."

"Watch out, here I come!"

Paige is starting to master walking down the stairs all by herself, just like a big girl.  Only one minor spill over the weekend.  She is quite the determined and independent little girl.

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