Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week 01.20 - Paige in Purple

"Don't you love my leg warmers?  Thanks Auntie Stephanie!"

Paige has finally grown into (and the weather has warmed enough) for her leg warmers.  They make crazy ridiculously cute things for babies.  Almost painfully cute at times.

Bonus Photos:

Kids get dirty outside.  All the time.

"Leaf Pile!  Jump on in!"

Unfortunately we were unable to get all of the leaves up before the snow came last fall.  We have some trees that drop quite late.  Thus, we had to start this spring.  Paige didn't mind too much.

"Wait for me Kaija!!!!"

"Ready, Set, Go."


Sarah said...

A couple of comments:
Agree that the purple leg warmers are painfully cute.
Love the picture of Paige walking Kaija ( or vice versa).
Laughed out loud at the fingers up the nose!

Stephanie + David said...

yay! The legwarmers made it into her get-up! Woot! I'm lovin' the pig tails, she's such a cutie.