Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 261 - Yard Work.

"This was fun, for about a minute. Now if you don't mind, please get me out of here."

Branch trimming was in order for some of the trees in our yard. We ended up with quite a large pile, it is amazing how quickly just a couple branches off of the bottom ends up being a gigantic project with branches flying everywhere. In the end the yard looks better, there is more light, and I get to make at least 3 trips to the compost site to drop off the branches. What more could you ask for? At least Paige likes being outside. Hopefully that will continue.

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Melanie said...

This picture reminds me of the photo your Mom & Dad took of you and Jay in the pumpkin patch and then used it for a Christmas Card. I gotta say that was my favorite Christmas Card photo ever.