Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 225 - Bernita Brewer

"Let me get this straight...When the Twins play the Brewers, then I root for the Twins. When the Twins play anyone other than the Brewers, then I root for the Twins, but when the Brewers play the Braves, then I root for the Braves, but so long as the Brewers play anyone else, then i can root for them? Man this baseball stuff is confusing."

Paige had her first Miller Park experience. Can't wait to take her to Target Field to watch the twins play baseball outdoors!

Oh, and Paige, ignore your Uncle Bryan and his silly Atlanta Braves. Nobody cares about them anyway. Just remember to root for the Twins first, Brewers second, and you'll be fine!

If you pay close attention you can see Grandma Denise in the background. I think this might actually be the first official PJ 365 sighting, as she isbehind the camera instead of in front of it most of the time (and Grandpa Roger doesn't like to share).

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Nick said...

Cheering for the Twins first will help her develop the constant indifference that is the signature of Brewers fans everywhere.