Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 189 - I've Got Mad Parenting Skills, Jelous?

"Good save Dad, loser."

Here is a little How-To Manual for making a 365 blog of your child in case a Dad is looking for advice on starting up his own blog.

1. Take pictures of the child every day.
2. Pick the best one and post it to your blog.
3. Don't let said child fall over while you are taking pictures.
4. If you fail at no. 3, make the best of it.
5. Don't tell Mom.

(She only cried for a second, I swear...and I felt really bad.)


Mor Mor Teri said...

Oh, she is making me cry.

Stephanie + David said...

It's okay Jan. I let Ayden roll off of the changing table once. I felt so horrible. And then Tiff yelled at me, and then said "but it's okay. I let him roll off the bed once too."

FYI - never turn around when they're on the changing table! One day they're fine, and then next they're ROLLING!