Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 145 - Play Ball.

"Baseball? I was just starting to figure out that Basketball thing."

Opening day of the baseball season. Should be a national holiday if you ask me (as should election day). In the above photograph you will notice one of the primary concerns any god-fearing Minnesotan will have when leaving their offspring in the state of Wisconsin. Your child may come home with Wisconsin Sports taint all over him or her. Proceed with caution. I must admit however, that the Brewers are my NL team, so I don't have any objections to the above image and ensuing indoctrination. As long as she roots for the Minnesota Twins if they meet each other in the World Series, then live and let live.

Many more posts to come, just ran out of time tonight. I think I am now only about a week or so behind.


Nick said...

You should refrain from leaving her in Wisconsin between August and February. For her own sake.

jan. said...

yeah, good call. better safe than sorry.