Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 43 - Christmas Presents

"My Little Wooden Rattle"

Paige is starting to grasp and hold onto things with abandon. I mus admit this was a little staged, as she only held it for a few seconds and I had to place it back in her hand. The rattle is a beautiful rattle that Valerie bought for Paige from a store called Peapods in St. Paul. It is a very cool store that has a lot of wooden toys. Good stuff. We didn't make it back to Minnesota today. We decided that the foggy wet crummy weather would not create the best conditions for driving. I think it was a good decision.

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Eleanor and Mister Vincent said...

Yea - you discovered Peapods! Be Careful, the world of natural toys is a very expensive and slippery slope. I bought Vincent a "baby Bottoms" baby there this year - it's an anatomically correct baby doll that Andrew is bringing to work to show all his co-workers - I guess it's pretty funny, but I love it! I have bought those rattles as gifts for new babies before - they are really nicely made. I make wooden baby toys too, a hobby that I decided to pursue when Eleanor was a bitty baby - I had the natural baby bug. If you haven't tried cloth diapers and would like to, let me know - I have tons of them, and in all sorts of different styles.