Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 82 - Self Portrait in a Portrait


Her facial expression set is growing on a daily basis. As you can see here, she has mastered the open-mouthed baby smile. If you care too, you can click on the photo which will take you to my flickr page. A larger version is on there. (click on the "all sizes" link above the image in case you don't know where to find it.) If you look at the larger version, you can make out my image reflected in her pupil. This image doesn't really show it well, but her eyes are lightening up, I am predicting they will probably be blue pretty soon.

This also marks the return of me behind the lens. It was pretty strange not having her to photograph every day. I had to do crazy things like go to Minnehaha Falls (which is "under construction" and you can't get down by the frozen falls by the way), take a picture of my neighbors door, and photograph the food I was eating (a Crab Rangoon shot is posted on my flickr page.) I also spent some time working on post-processing of images I have meant to get to for about two years.

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